Alright, I’m probably going to get a lot of shit from posting this but I can honestly care less because I need to clear things up about Rokudo Mukuro. Stop calling him “heartless”, he is not fucking heartless and I’m about to tell you why. (English isn’t my first language so I apologize if a few things don’t seem to make sense.)


You see that? I believe that is episode 52, but correct me if I’m wrong. Anyways, he acted as bait so that Ken and Chikusa can be safe. Tsuna’s dad who told him himself, that he needs him as Tsuna’s Mist Guardian, that he will protect/defend Ken and Chikusa from the Vindice. Why would Mukuro be bait for them if he was so fucking heartless?

In the Future Arc, he helped the Vongola. Yeah, that’s right. The mafia which he loathes so much. Even if it was in a rather fucked up way, he STILL helped them. He, who was in a very weak state at the time, took over the body of Leonardo Lippi to infiltrate the Millefiore computer system. Just to get some info from them, did you see how fucked he ended up?

In the Curse of the Rainbow Arc, Mukuro kicks out Chrome from the Kokuyo. He left a note, I believe it was, telling her to basically get out. Though, Reborn was convened by Mukuro to speak about Chrome. He was GIVEN her living expenses from Mukuro as well. If you paid some fucking attention to the manga, you would really realize that Mukuro only did this for Chrome. He did it so she can become stronger, to experience more with the Vongola. So that she can become much more independent and to stop relying so much on him. 

Don’t you even think I’m done, because hell no I’m not. TYL!Mukuro tells Tsuna that he will accept his “thank you”. Come the fuck on, if Mukuro really did not care about a single thing he wouldn’t accept anyone’s “thank you” ??… You can even hear the full conversation here, the translation is there as well. I tried not to make this too long, so I’m kind of glad that I didn’t. (If I didn’t stop there, I wouldn’t shut up at all.) 


Please understand that Rokudo Mukuro is not a heartless person. There is a reason for him being the way he is, there is a reason for him having such a “brute” personality. If you honestly think he is heartless and doesn’t care about anyone or anything, we clearly didn’t read/watch the same animanga and you should probably consider doing that again. If you need anything else, drop an ask.

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